Dinh Cuong

“Little Poems in Paintings”

Prize awarded in 1962 Saigon Spring Exhibition, at Saigon First International Fine Arts Exposition. Graduated from the Fine Arts National Academy in 1963, then from the Painting Pedagogy Faculty in 1964. Selected for the Young Artists International Bi-Annual at the Paris Modern Arts Museum, for the Tunis International Exposition, Washington Exposition in 1964. Instructor at the Hue Fine Arts School from 1967 to 1968. Saigon French Institute Exposition in May 1970.

For several years, first his military then professional obligations prevented him from conceiving and realizing more than one great works. Hence he applied himself to paintings of small dimensions with the same quest and hardness as he had ever done. Far from conforming to a will of representing his sadness and rare joys, he set his heart on elaborating those small-sizedpaintings while pushing aside chance-encounters and prettinesses those small surfaces much often permit. The paintings by the specificity of their contents which lie on technical requirement signify the essential in the only apparition of backgroundless surface; they require a specific reading, not that of an onlooker who “glances over” the canvas for a certain time leaving the composition elements appear gradually in big conscience, but of a glance that instantly seizes the totality yet unable to demolish it. Little poems in paintings, discreet, to dream over; poems “open” like the prime affirmation of a creative dialogue between the painter who can tell but the essential and the viewer who is invited to create the dream of a new world, different, of which these paintings are but fundamental expressions.

Christian Cauro

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